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Have You Seen The People of WalMart?

December 16, 2009

People of Walmart Logo

People of Walmart Logo

I am a little late on this but have you seen the site People of Walmart? Wow. I thought I came out of the house looking a trip but these people take it to the next level, a level I have never even thought possible (in the real world anyway).

Whoever came up with this site is a genius too. The site has already been on CNN and in TIME magazine. It’s received millions of hits and has even got it’s own product line. The stories generated so much traffic that the site went down for a day. Like I said genius, I am a little mad I didn’t think of it myself, just kidding. I am actually amazed at viral internet phenomenon like this. You just never know what the next big thing will be out on the net, it always seems to be something unexpected like this.

I have collected a some of the photos that I thought were funny for your pleasure.

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