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Does Your Child Suffer From NDD?

January 6, 2010

NDD Outdoor Time Most people have heard of ADD and ADHD, but have you heard of NDD? I know I can’t be the only who is just hearing about this. NDD stands for Nature Deficit Disorder and apparently it is pretty serious. Although it is not a medical condition, it describes the disconnect between us and our environment. So what is Nature Deficit Disorder exactly? Nature-deficit disorder is a description of the human costs of alienation from nature.


The term nature-deficit disorder comes from author Richard Louv’s book Last Child in the Woods: Saving Our Children From Nature-Deficit Disorder. In the book Louv argues that sensationalist media coverage and paranoid parents have "scared children straight out of the woods and fields," while promoting a litigious culture of fear that favors "safe" regimented sports over imaginative play. With more and more virtual experiences available to children, there are more and more excuses to stay indoors. Does the Wii come to mind?


There is more and more scientific evidence coming out that "nature play" has positive affects on children and has some promising applications for childhood maladies such as attention-deficit disorder. Some of the benefits of "nature play" are reduced stress, sharpening concentration, and promoting creative problem solving.


So why did it take this long for me to hear about this? I am not sure, I keep up on current events and actually saw a story about this on my local news station recently which is what sparked my interest in the subject. Here are some links to find out more about NDD:

Wikipedia – Nature Deficit Disorder

Education.com – Nature Deficit Disorder

NPR -  Saving Kids from ‘Nature Deficit Disorder’

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