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Top 20 Shows From The 80′s

February 23, 2010

We’re down to the 10 Best Shows of the 80s according to me, so without further ado let’s keep it moving.

10.  The Dukes of Hazzard – The General Lee, car chases, stunts, fights, exploding arrows, and Daisy Duke. Need I say more?


9. Who’s the Boss? – The show starring Tony Danza as an ex-boxer turned housekeeper was pretty funny but I can’t deny that a good portion of the appeal of this show was Alyssa Milano.


8. Charles In Charge – Scott Baio as a housekeeper/babysitter made for an interesting show but as with Who’s the Boss, it was the female character played by Nicole Eggert that kept me coming back.


7. Taxi – This show had to have had one the most talented casts in sitcom history.


6. Growing Pains – This show launched Kirk Cameron into teen heart throb status and was a great show.


5. WKRP in Cincinnati – This is another show that had an outstanding cast and great writing. The characters alone made this show a must watch for me and of course Lonnie Anderson.


4. Newhart – Is still one of my all time favorite shows. With an excellent cast and superb writing, there’s no wonder it had an 8 year run. It was all a dream…


3. The Cosby Show – This was a great all around show and career launcher for many young actors. This show also had some great cameos and best of all Bill Cosby one of my all time favorite comedians.


2. Moonlighting – These last two or three were a close call, especially between Moonlighting and the number pick. This show was a lot of fun and gave rise to Bruce Willis. His portrayal of David Addison made me a Bruce Willis fan for life.


Drum roll please….

1. Miami Vice – I know that this is maybe a little predictable but for me Miami Vice was the mid to late 80s which happened to be a very impressionable time in my life. This show influenced so much of the culture at that time from fashion to music to attitude. No other show in the 80s had that kind of impact IMO, especially on me.

Tubbs and Crockett - Miami Vice

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