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Jersey Shore Back for Yet Another Season

April 8, 2011

jersey-shore For those of you out there that can’t get enough of the Jersey Shore, have no fear! We are sad happy to report that the cast has finally inked a deal with MTV for a 4th season of the show. Not only are they back for a 4th season but Snooki, J-Woww, and Pauly D are all getting their own spin off shows as well. Doesn’t that just bring a little bit of joy into your life?


Knowing that these guys will not be unemployed in this horrible economy makes me feel so much better about us as a nation, it’s like a weight has been lifted or something. Here’s the scoop as told by TMZ.com:


Snooki The Situation … and the rest of the "Jersey Shore" crew have FINALLY signed their contracts for Season 4 … and will head to Italy in May.

So far, it’s unclear how much cash each castmember will rake in per episode — but sources involved in the negotiations tell us everyone is "very pleased with the outcome."

As TMZ first reported, the cast was trying to put the screws to MTV because they all realized this season could be their last … and they wanted to score a HUGE payday while they still can.

Good move for the Situation, Ronnie and Vinny … who DON’T have spin-off shows to fall back on.

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