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Possible Fix for Congress?

January 14, 2010

capitol-hill I received this in my inbox a little while back but just got a chance to actually read it. The email is promoting the "Congressional Reform Act of 2010" and I think people on both sides of the political spectrum may be able to agree on this. Let’s try to find one of our elected officials to sponsor this. Personally, I don’t think there is a snowball’s chance that anyone in Congress would touch this but it’s worth putting out there anyway. Leave some comments and let me know what you guys think.



A Little Something To Make You Laugh

January 12, 2010

Here are a few cartoons and comics that come from the inbox that I thought I would share with you. I thought they were pretty humorous, I hope you enjoy.


Irresistible To Women

Irresistible to Women



A Little Advice About Identity Theft

December 15, 2009

Identity Theft

Identity Theft

Here is  some advise that I received from the inbox about Identity Theft. I thought this was a fitting post for this time of year because predators are during the holiday season looking for anyway to catch people slipping.

The email that I received states that this is advice coming from an attorney, but I cannot verify that. The advice still seems to be sound though, basically some best practices for protecting your identity. This is by no means a comprehensive list, but it’s more like a practical starting point and you can go from there.


Animals Always Make Me Smile

December 12, 2009

baby kitten & baby chick

baby kitten & baby chick

I couldn’t help myself when I saw these pictures of animals like the one over here to the right, I had to put them up on the site. All of the pictures were excellent and some were just too cute and really did make me smile. There is something special about pictures of animals that can bring a little joy into your life. Even if you are not an avid animal lover you have got to feel something when you see these.

This is another one that came from the inbox, it was originally done as one of those Power Point slide shows with the obligatory chain mail message at the end but I extracted the files and put them up here for you as a gallery. So enjoy…


Here’s a Little Health Tip For Ya

August 14, 2009

Here is one from the inbox with a little political slant to it but I thought it was pretty funny and very relevant considering everything that is going on right now with healthcare and the government.  Here is the email:

If you are bothered by occasional or frequent constipation, look in the mirror and repeat the following phrase three times in succession when symptoms occur:

My present and future financial and personal well being are totally in the hands of ….