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Jawbone Promo Music Video That’s ACTUALLY Worth Watching (Video)

June 9, 2011

Wednesday Was A Good Day - Video Jawbone is a company you may have heard of, they make bluetooth headsets and other accessories that are pretty popular. The folks over there decided to make a music video/parody/promo video for one of their new products, which I could care less about honestly, but the video actually turned out to be GOOD! The concept is sort of a hipster’s version of the old school Ice Cube classic "Today Was A Good Day" and the best part is you can’t tell that they are even pushing a product. It’s worth a look, hit the jump to check it out…



2010 VMA’s Recap + Watch the Full Show (Video)

September 13, 2010

MTV's 2010 VMA's Last night, MTV’s 2010 Video Music Awards were broadcast with a serious line up and plenty of stars in attendance. We thought we would bring you a recap, in case you missed it and want the condensed version of how things went down. We also found a link to where you can watch the entire show online. Hit the jump for more on the VMA’s…


Rihanna Hits Milestone with 6th No. 1 Pop Song

August 11, 2010


With the recent success of her collaboration with Eminem on the track "Love the Way You Lie", Rihanna has had six number 1 Pop singles, reaching a milestone that only four other female artists in Music history have achieved.

Mariah Carey was the first female to reach this accomplishment back in 2005. Then more recently, Beyonce and Lady Gaga caught up with her when their single "Telephone" reached number 1 on the charts landing them both in the category with Mariah at six number 1 singles each.


Alicia Keys & Steven Colbert – Empire State of Mind (Live Performance Video)

December 16, 2009

This is an unlikely collaboration but I love it. Alicia Keys performing her smash single Empire State of Mind but instead of Jay-Z coming out to rap, it’s Steven Colbert and he doesn’t do too bad. A must see…