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Mark Sanchez Wipes a Booger on Mark Brunell? (Video)

January 25, 2011

Mark Sanchez Wipes a Booger on Mark Brunell? (Video) This is a real short video, about 9 seconds, but worth the look because it’s hilarious. Starting Quarterback for the New York Jets, Mark Sanchez, is caught on national television picking his nose and then wiping his hand on Mark Brunell who is the backup Quarterback for the Jets. It was a classic moment and the announcers didn’t even catch it. Check out the video…


Green Bay Packers’ Woodson Has a Message for Obama (Video)

woodson-white-houseAfter the Packers’ 21-14 win over the Chicago Bears on Sunday, cornerback Charles Woodson gave a short motivational speak to the team in the locker room and delivered a message to Obama and the White House. Check out the video after the jump…